Experience a kayak that has excellent stability, a smooth ride, and all day performance with the M12. The M12 is built for speed and efficiency. With great storage, cup holders, and secure rigging on the top, you'll have plenty of space to manage your gear, clothing, or snacks! And the aluminium fishing seat gives you a world of comfort and easily adjustable seating positions for the perfect feel. With the included GoMo Fins Drive System, you'll be able to move easily when tired from kayaking, or glide through the water with ease. It also features the new kick up fins, which fold up when they hit an obstacle.

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The efficient, seaworthy and quick M12 is for someone looking to maximize speed, without sacrificing stability. With rod holder and generous tackle storage, the M12 will shine fishing or exploring. 

Standard Features

  • Drive with flexible fins
  • 2 x piece paddle
  • Aluminum framed fishing chair
  • Swivel fishing rod holder
  • 4 x  flush mounted fishing rod holders
  • Full Rudder System
  • Pedal drive lock with space seal
  • 8’’ waterproof hatch with tackle box inside
  • Oval front hatch with removable cover
  • 4 x carrying handles
  • Side paddle park  
  • Molded drink holder
  • Rear storage area with bungee
  • Multiple plugs and buttons included
3.68m / 12’1”
0.80m /31.5”
0.37m / 14.6”
Hull Weight
30kg / 66lbs
Pedal Drive
5kg / 11lbs
Max Capacity
180kg / 396lbs
UV Resistant
8 Degree
2 years