All the get-up-and-go and sleekness of a GoMo paddling kayak, made for two. The MT15 is cleverly designed to be your go-to tandem or solo kayak for any type of day on the water. Equipped with a center seat, this boat is as easy to paddle alone as it is with a partner. With exceptional stability and a booming load capacity, you'll be easily casting in any direction and loading the MT15 with all the gear you need for yourself or the family. The MT15 is adventure-ready, whether that adventure is an hour or multiple days long. Molded-in foot braces are fit for any leg length and dual twist and seal hatches keep your materials protected and right within reach. As feature-packed as it is versatile, the MT15 is sure to make your river trips, lake days, and beach weekends more enjoyable from the first time you get it out there.

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MT15 Tandem Kayak is the perfect family oriented, go-anywhere, do-anything paddle kayak. Featuring a long, sleek waterline, a stable hull, great tracking and the ability to haul 43kg, plus plenty of on deck gear storage, the MT15 opens up worlds of fun. While this fully redesigned hull accommodates two, it can be paddled by one using the molded-in center-seat position. Or, this center-seat area can be used to tote along a junior crew member, extra gear or even the family hound.

Standard Features

  • Pedal drive with flexible fins
  • 2 x piece paddle
  • Aluminum framed fishing chair
  • 2 x flush mounted fishing rod holders
  • Full Rudder System
  • Pedal drive lock with space seal
  • 2 x 8" waterproof seal hatch
  • Front hatch with removable cover
  • 4 x carrying handles
  • 4 x molded drink holder
  • Rear storage area with bungee
  • Multiple plugs and buttons included
4.60m / 15’1”
UV Resistant
8 Degree
Pedal Drive
5kg / 11lbs
0.816m /32.1”
0.40m / 15.7”
Hull Weight
43kg / 95lbs
Max Capacity
270kg / 595lbs
2 years