Trex, a sectional kayaks are a lot of fun, and great value. It is created with new technology they're all exceptionally fast to assemble and disassemble. Trex has an optional middle section to transform your solo kayak into a tandem. You can use them with or without the optional middle section, as either a two-piece one-person kayak, or a three-piece two-person kayak. The pieces don’t “nest” like our other sectional boats but nonetheless have huge advantages for portability and storage. The compact size of the individual pieces means they can be stored in the corner of your shed or garage, inside a beach hut (reducing the risk of theft), under the stairs at home, or even in a large cupboard. It makes boat ownership a realistic prospect for almost anyone, even those who live in city flats – the pieces will go in a lift and at approx 13kg each they are very easy to carry.

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These sit-on-top kayaks are uniquely designed in three sections, for easier transport and storage.  These kayaks include a specific angler version.

The really clever bit is that they can be used (and purchased) with or without the middle section, to make a two-piece one person kayak, or a three-piece two person kayak.

Standard Features

  • Pedal drive with flexible fins
  • Two-piece paddle
  • Aluminum framed fishing chair
  • Four stainless rail
  • Two removable side fishing rod holders
  • Two flush mounted fishing rod holders
  • Full Rudder System
  • Pedal drive lock with space seal 
  • Three waterproof seal hatch
  • Rear storage area with bungee
  • Transducer mount position for fish finder
  • Fish finder holder
  • Carrying handles
  • Removable drink holder 
  • Multiple plugs and buttons included
4.2m / 13'8"
0.81m /31.9”
0.29m / 11.5”
Hull Weight
57kg / 126lbs
Max Capacity
300kg /661lbs

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